Developing The Correct Mindset To Purchase Your Next Home

Providing you with the roadmap to home ownership

One-on-One Real Estate Coaching w/ John Fuller

You can recieve one-on-one consultation; with the creator and founder of The Official Home Buyers Guide Vol.1&2  and The Complete HomeBuyers Financial Kit for Individual and Investors. John Fuller has been training and assisting homebuyers for over 20 years.  John is now available to educate, train and develop you into The Complete Home-Buyer / Investor.  He has influences thousands of people; guided and educated them  to home-ownership; now you can recieve first hand from one of the greatest minds in the home buying / real estate industry.  John is also available for seminar / workshop and lectures.   

By teaming up with John; learning and implementing his amazing home buying system, you are sure to win the home buying race.


Home Buyer Package : $1200.00 - 2500.00 (1yrs. subscription)  

Learn All About:

  •  Increasing your credit score 50-100pts.
  •  how to build  Relationships with the banks
  •  how to find or build your dream home
  •  how to build your financial portfolio 
  •  also included free enrollment to "The Institute for first time home buyers"


Investor Package: $4,999.99 (Unlimited Consultation)

  •  All the above
  •  Finding Foreclosure properties
  •  Finding Financing for foreclosure properties
  •  Learning Bank Programs and Bank Terminology
  •  Learning how to find and access property values
  •  Learing how to buy investment property with no money down
  •  Understanding and getting legal statue for your Investor company
  •  and much, much, more........


Your Thoughts is the Keys to your reality........

                                                         John Fuller



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