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knowledge is power homebuyers class

This class is design to teach you the basic knowledge of credit, banking, buying and selling and the construction industry.  By attending this class you will gain knowledge and save money on your next purchase or sell.  I have dedicated my life to helping people like yourself to better understand the housing industry.  I have develop many courses and programs that can help make buying or selling your next home; as easy as 1,2,3.  


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Online Classes Now Available!

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The Institute For First Time Home Buyers:

 Classes that are available online: 


  1.  Bank Financing / Bank Terminology
  2.  Understanding Credit / Credit Repair
  3.  Top 6 Steps when buying a home
  4.  Building Assets - Coming Soon!
  5.  Budgeting Power - Coming Soon!
Online Classes Cost:  - $9.99 - $19.99ea



Live Class Schedule:

Limited Seating Max 25 per class


Monday    @      7:30pm-9:00pm ............Call For Location

Thursday  @      7:30pm-9:00pm ............Call For Location

Saturday BookCamp  @ 9:30am-6:30pm...Call For Location

Class Outline:

                            - Understanding Credit / Credit Repair

                            - Increase your credit score 50-100pts.

                            - Understanding Bank Terminology

                            - How to make the banks say yes everytime

                            - And Much, Much, More........


Class Includes:

                             - John's Book "The Official Homebuyer's Guide Vol.1

                             - The Knowledge Is Power Homebuyer's Work-Book

                             - Refreshment


Live Class Cost:    - $99.99


Don't Buy A Home Without Attending This Class First!!!!

                      "Remember Knowledge Is Power"


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